Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University, SJ GMU

ISSN 2451-2486 (online)
ISSN 1644-1818 (printed)

Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University (SJ GMU) is an interdisciplinary journal published continuously for more than 40 years, presenting the genuine results of empirical and theoretical research. The Journal belongs to a group of magazines covering the area of research in science, nature and engineering.

The first issue of the Journal was published in October 1975 under the name of Scientific Book of the Gdynia Maritime Academy and was given the ISSN number 0324-8887. Since 2002, after the university has been renamed to the Gdynia Maritime University, the journal is published under the name of Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University with ISSN number 1644-1818. In 2016, the online ISSN number 2451-2486 was also given.

The electronic edition of the SJ GMU with the ISSN 2451-2486 (online) is the original (reference) version of the journal.

The Scientific Journal of GMU is regularly published quarterly both on-line and on paper. Each edition is dedicated to different scientific topic referring to such areas and disciplines as:

  • navigation and maritime transport (maritime navigation, ship operation, maritime safety, geodesy and cartography, transport and logistics, mathematics),
  • electrical engineering and electronics (marine electronics, electrical engineering, ship power engineering, maritime telecommunication, marine automatics),
  • mechanics (mechanics, construction and operation of machines, material engineering, ship engineering, repair technology, physics),
  • commodity science and economics (commodity science and quality management, industrial commodity and chemistry, environment, information technology, logistics, service economics, economics and economic policy).

The journal presents original scientific papers that has not been previously published elsewhere. Special issues may be published as part of the Scientific Journal of GMU, which become subsequent issues of the journal. One of such special issues of SJ GMU Joint Proceedings, which contains scientific publications is the result of GMU’s cooperation with the Hochschule Bremerhaven (Germany). The journal’s special issues may also contain the peer-reviewed conference articles.

The articles in SJ GMU are published in English and Polish. The Scientific Board consists of international members which ensures a high scientific level of the published articles.

All articles submitted for publication in SJ GMU are subject to scientific editorial review by at least 2 independent reviewers appointed from different unit than the author is affiliated at. The review has a form of a "double-blind review process", i.e. author and reviewers do not know their identity.

The copyright for articles is transferred to the Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University. Authors give the right to post electronic versions of the articles in an open access system on the journal's web pages under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY 4.0).